The Spirits 'Revival'

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Sydney band The Spirits have been kicking around the live scene for the last few years, establishing a strong presence in the usual Indie clubs after the band released some promising material in 2008. Their recent EP release ‘The Other Half‘ (which is a free download from their myspace/thespirits) continues in a similar style to the earlier Spirits material, although the band have certainly improved on their song writing and musical dynamics within the group.

The bands 80’s influence is still present in melodic and rhythmic feel/ clean fender tones drenched in delay, which is cool however they still lack the strong vocal hooks, compelling lyrics and creative production to really have you engaged in the songs. Bands like Expatriate and Temper Trap have nailed that sound, so it’s hard to impress if you’re not really taking the genre to places new and exciting. Maybe some jazz flute would do the trick? Anyways here’s ‘Revival‘ to check out, and also catch the boys live on Oxford st anytime! Peace.



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