Many Machines on Nine


Good music should transcend fads, fashions and genres. A good song is a good song, no matter what. One should keep this in mind when listening to Many Machines on Nine (MM9 for short). It’s true that their brand of industrial metal meets electro dance isn’t so hot right now… but goth trends are infiltrating mainstream fashion, so maybe there’s something there…

Many Machines on Nine
Many Machines On Nine

MM9 have been around for a couple of years now, and they’ve got some fairly notable members. Vocalist Dan Sutherland was involved in a solo project under the moniker Switchkicker, and drummer Ben Ellingworth is arguably the best rock drummer in Australia (sounds like a big call until you see this guy play!)

They’re an excellent band, and the cruel irony is if they were playing in America, they’d be signed by now. However, they’re still pulling roughly the same size crowd they have for the past few years. That signals to me that it’s the non-music side that the band is struggling with. They’ve got the songs, they now have to work on marketing themselves better, be it more radio play, better planned gigs, more media advertising, whatever… but for now, enjoy a sample of their song ‘Smile’

Many Machines on Nine – ‘Smile’ (mp3)

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  1. Me

    March 16, 2007 12:31 pm

    Saw these guys live for the first time last night. In fact, before last night I’d heard about two of their songs…

    Have to tell you one thing: I’ve never seen a drummer play himself so heavilly into exertion that he nearly cries. And that’s just a brief glimpse at how hard these guys play.

    Best night I’ve had in a long time. MM9 were heaps good.


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