Ghostdrums – ‘Morning Sun’

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Ghostdrums – ‘Morning Sun’ (m4a)

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I posted the video for this track a while back. I’d not heard of Ghostdrums until then, but the unassuming, ‘analogue-synths-meets-glitch-meets-lofi-meets-lullabies’ sound of Perth drummer-cum-electronica kid Pete Guazzelli caught my attention on first listen . It’s weird because there’s nothing really about this track that makes you stop and pay attention – it’s almost deliberately dry and understated. And yet it works, and the genius of his tracks’ simplicity unravels with each successive listen. It’s also weird that, despite alove of analogue equipment, Guazzelli has eschewed a vinyl release for a limited edition USB. It should be noted that the USB comes in an old cassette tape case, and it’s this combination of the new and the old – the digital and the analogue – that makes this music alluring, especially since it extends even to its packaging.



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