Aeons – ‘Beyond The Satellites’

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Aeons – ‘Beyond The Satellites’ (mp3)

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Sydney’s Aeons released their debut EP a few weeks back, which you can grab for FREE here. It’s full of dense electro club-bangers to get you wet if you’re ‘in da club’ and/or totally dig The Presets. The duo have previously remixed the likes of Deep Sea Arcade and Lisa Mitchell, but this is really the first time they’ve released an official collection of their own stuff for peeps to check out (recent single In Great Wonder doesn’t count). If you don’t like electro pop then this isn’t for you – Beyond The Satellites sits firmly in the most familiar part of the genre, which means there’s lots of house beats and shimmering synths and few quiet moments. Those to whom that appeals should definitely hop on over their bandcamp page and get downloading. For other, it’s free anyway so what do you have to lose (other than 40MB of your monthly quota)?



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