Midnight Juggernauts: ‘Into the Galaxy’ video

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Midnight Juggernauts @ Fabric, London:

So I’m in London having a look about the live stages here, and first on the Australian agenda is Australia’s electro outfit Midnight Juggernauts who played a late night slot in one of London’s most well-known nightclubs. Though it’s not my late night haunt of choice, it was 2am when the Melbourne duo plus ex-Valentinos tin-master came out on stage. On record, I think The Jugger’s have some killer dance tracks, but have yet to impress me live. In their defence, the mix wasn’t great, with the dials set at “blow your ear drums out with VOOM”, it was definitely a show for the ravers. Nonetheless, the UK kids seemed to dig it, and there were a few familiar faces in the crowd.



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