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LISTEN: I’lls – ‘Speak Low’

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I’lls (pronounced ‘isles’; fingers crossed they’ll change this soon and save us all the confusion) have had a pretty sweet time since their self-released EP, Thread, came out in 2011. They had played just one gig – I’m assuming it was a good one – before being offered a slot at Parklife, and they’ve since opened for acts like Chet Faker and Flume. Sydney label Yes Please picked them up and is about to put out their next EP, A Warm Reception.

‘Speak Low’ is the second single from the upcoming release, and it’s a delight. Grounded by Simon Lam’s gorgeous vocals and the band’s warm, velvety production, the song opens with electronic sputtering, looped keys and a solid, live drum beat. The vocal harmonies build towards a stunning outro that floors me every time. There’s a lovely, arpeggiated guitar in there that’s reminiscent of some Radiohead tracks – that is, the cuddly, less paranoid, less ‘Knives Out’ Radiohead – but let’s not get hung up on that. Just give in, because this is lovely stuff.


A Warm Reception is due out on 17 June.


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