Karnivool: ‘The Only Way’ Gotye Cover


Karnivool – ‘The Only Way’ (Gotye cover)

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Hey folks, I’m back!  Yep, I spent two weeks in Brisbane enjoying the warmth and sunshine (because I don’t think it’s rained there since the Jurassic period) but now I’m back, and I’ve got a lot of blogging to catch up on.

A fave of this blog, Gotye, is currently travelling around Australia on a massive sold-out tour; his first tour since the release of his breakthrough album Like Drawing Blood.  To coincide with the tour, Gotye’s just unveiled Mixed Blood, an extremely diverse remix/covers album with a myriad of artists re-arranging songs off Like Drawing Blood and Gotye’s debut Boardface, or just performing a completely new version of them. 

While it’s hit and miss, there are a number of gems on the disc which I’ll probably blog about in the coming weeks, but I thought I’d start at one of the more left-field collaborations on Mixed Blood – WA’s masters of the heavy, Karnivool, doing their version of ‘The Only Way’, which is found on Like Drawing Blood.

In the context of the album, it’s definitely the odd track out – there’s no other versions that sound like a metal song!  It’s a fairly straight-up rendition of the original, expect it packs much more of a punch with a massive two-guitar attack and Ian Kenny’s soaring vocals.  And you’d swear this was actually a Karnivool song – now that’s the marker of a good cover.

Who ever thought you could mosh to Gotye?



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  1. TJ Brown

    February 3, 2009 12:19 pm

    Karnivool is freaken awesome… quite definately my favourite band for the last few year. This song is a gem and it is a great cover of it.



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