Butcher Blades – ‘The Swan Machine’


Butcher Blades – ‘The Swan Machine’ (mp3)

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“cool track. very el guincho ish”

That’s the email I received from my esteemed whothehell.net partner in crime Jerry. That was enough to get me listening. Even though I’ve never really been into a whole El Guincho album, the whole vibe of his work and some individual tracks appeal to me – especially as we move into summer. ‘The Swan Machine’ is a sweet jam and I instantly sought out other tunes and wasn’t surprised to find they listed Lalo Schifrin among their influences. It’s definitely worth clicking that Myspace link and checking out some more of their stuff.

These guys have a couple of NZ gigs and spot at Falls coming up over the next month or so. I’m not sure how often these guys stray from their Melbourne haunt so if you want to check them out and you live in those areas you should probably get along. And let me know what they’re like.



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