Dune Rats – ‘Colour Television’

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Dune Rats – ‘Colour Television’ (mp3)

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This tune shares more than just its name with an Eddy Currant Suppression Ring song – it has that same ramshackle but melodic and gold-tinted charm that was all over ECSR’s best album Primary Colours. I’ve been meaning to post this song for ages, but I”m glad I held off because it’s totally grown on me since I list heard it. This sound is everywhere right now and it kind of sunk into the background when I listened to it a few weeks ago. It took a few spins to really stand out. Safe to say I totally dig it now.

Dune Rats is a two piece comprised of BC (The Cairos, Comic Sans) and ex-Villians of Wilhem singer Danny Wilhelm. It keeps thing loose and fun like all of those bands, but doesn’t sound like the sum of their pasts. This project is only a few months old and is definitely worth keeping an eye on.



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