Chet Faker – 'House Atriedes'

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‘House Atriedes’ (mp3)

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‘Jeans & Wallet’ (mp3)

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You may recall Chet Faker (aka. Nick Murphy) who went all kinds of crazy on the interwebs (above James Blake in Hypem’s #10) after we MAP-ed his cover of Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ back in May.  The bearded juggernaut is back with a nice platter of downloads for y’all.

Overdoses of electronica usually have a sluggish effect on me, but Chet keeps his cool without inducing a yawn. House Atriedes’ iridescent intro stretches out onto a vast expanse of synth, while those liquid harmonies keep on with the smooth restraint of ‘No Diggity’. This track is my fave out of the Chet Faker pool so far, with ‘Jeans and Wallet’ trawling closely after.

Serious aural elixir. The guy can do no wrong.

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