Phondupe – 'Aviary West' Video Premiere

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The once humble music video is never so these days.  You might recall Phondupe two producers out of Sydney whose track ‘Aviary West’ we featured last year. They’ve teamed up with local director/producer Benjamin Zadig, who’s made a pretty spectacular clip, featuring a few colonial dudes getting terrorized by the resident forest ‘bunyip’.

The guys put out their latest release, Dinner Melts yesterday and it’s been on rotation here all day. The four track release is teeming with some interesting ideas, cut and paste beats and all the downtempo quirks you’d find in a Tokyo backalley bar.  It’s available as a free download on their bandcamp, so you’ll probably get to that faster than you can attempt to count the syllables in track four: ‘Hideyoshi’s Seven Skillful Spearmen of Shizugatake’. Yeah, that.



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