Bored Nothing

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‘Let Down’ (mp3)

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‘I Wish You Were Dead’ (mp3)

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Everyone else seems to have hit the ground running on the Bored Nothing wagon, but I might as well have smacked my face into the pavement and passed out for a few months. The artist here is Melbourne’s Fergus Miller. Bored Nothing is his pseudonym for ‘pseudofied’ Brooklyn low-fi. I half expected another sloppy garage record after glancing at the hand drawn nappy hair caught in the crayola whirlpool on the cover of his latest release, Bored Nothing III. But scoot past the apathetic nom de plume – as much as this plays out like an effortless ditty for three thirtyitis and mid arvo daydreaming, you can’t shake the musicality happening on these tracks.

So many favourites on this release. ‘Popcorn’ is the best sampler of the driving bass lines and soaring harmonies this guy revels in, while the boppy ‘Let Down’ sounds like Jack Tatum singing out of the punch bowl at a prom hosted by Beach Fossils and friends. Bored Nothing’s lengthy back catalogue (Beard of Bees of particular note) is sitting up on his bandcamp and deserves a thorough listen. However, the dude also needs to pay his bills, so please enjoy responsibly by attending the show he’s playing with Mining Boom, Beef Jerk and King Tears Mortuary hosted by our blog pals All I Do Is Listen in two weeks.



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