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Dead Farmers – ‘The Suns of Thunder’

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You know, with all this electro going down in Australia, I say it’s high time we shed our bright pink jeans and got back into our rock roots. Dead Farmers, with their unique brand of scuzz-punk madness are just the men to brink us back from the brink of fluoro madness.

Their tracks are non-stop blasts of distortion, with drums that sound like they’ve been recorded in the back of somebody’s truck and a whole lotta screaming. Remember when you used to jump around to Nirvana and yell like an angry chimpanzee in heat? Well I do (I was approximately fourteen and a half) and this kind of ‘who-gives-a-fuck?’ garage music takes me back to the days when ‘indie’ didn’t automatically mean The Strokes. Lead singer/guitarist David Akerman is on a one man mission to make as much noise as possible come out of an amp without blowing the thing up. If you haven’t seen these guys live, I highly recommend it. It might rip your eardrums in half, but hell, the point of being young is to screw up your hearing so you can pretend not to hear your own kids’ offensive music when you grow up!

Dead Farmers have supported The Black Lips on their Vice Party tour in January and are fixtures at a number of house parties and clubs across Sydney and Melbourne. They’ve got a debut 7″ EP out now (if there are any left!) and are currently recording an album. Listening to this stuff is the equivalent of drinking a glass of Tabasco Sauce. You have been warned…


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  1. Paul D

    May 15, 2008 12:15 am

    Look beyond the current crop of electro bands and just underneath the surface there’s still some classic Aussie rock bands still out there, bucking the trend of digital downloads and pushing out cd’s by the tonne to ardent fans. Central Coast band “The Lazys” last year moved 3000 odd EP’s at their live shows. Not to mention National tours with Grinspoon and Something with Numbers. I caught them supporting Juliette and the LIcks, and you’ll understand why they shift so many cd’s when you see them live. You gotta check them out – take a look at the link.



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