LISTEN: Glass Towers – ‘Tonight’

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I was sent this Glass Towers EP the other week and sat on it for a bit cause y’know… life. Anyho so what’s up with these dudes? – are they megastars yet or at least getting love on triple J? I hope so cause they sound pretty good. But please don’t call it tropical or jangly. Over those terms almost as much as epic which is closely followed by frothing – unless you’re from I OH YOU, cause then you probably are frothing!

Anyway, they come from Byron Bay, a place infested with hard-core, so this is a refreshing change. There is summer in their bones, which brings warmth mixed with youth, colliding with loose energy and good melody. Yep, we’re def hearing brit-pop. I reckon Glass Towers will do alright.

If you like this track – grab the EP Collarbone Jungle from iTunes.




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  1. Alex Kirk

    December 1, 2012 5:55 pm

    Never liked ‘tropical’, ‘epic is basically a euphemism for ‘pretentious’, and ‘frothing’ is obviously just wrong, but – unless you can supply a more perfect six-letter adjective – hands off jangly. It worked for the Byrds, it worked for Big Star, it’s one for the ages.

    Also, what a wicked-ripping tune that is.



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