Lions At Your Door: ‘Shake It’

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Lions At Your Door – ‘Shake It’ (mp3)

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Sydney’s Lions At Your Door have constructed possibly the catchiest verse of the year with just a handful of words, some aggressive organ and a driving, hypnotic hi-hat. ‘Shake It’ echoes the naivety and simplicity of early pop but is updated for the modern indie dancefloor with a rhythm section to rival early Liars recordings and some subtle guitar work that adds a hint of darkness to this gem of a song.

The pro-dance sentiment of the lyrics is only heightened through the relentless beat and energy that bleeds through the speakers. This song does nothing if not make you want to jump around.

This is not meant to sound reductive – ‘Shake It’ is a quality composition that refuses to rely just on its dancefloor potential. Though its lyrics are simple and straightforward, they intentionally obscure the intelligence and precision of arrangement and performance that underscores them.

I’m so keen on this song. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys.



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