Paper Planes

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Paper Planes – ‘Do It For The Kids’

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Paper Planes – ‘Uh Huh’

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January is when everyone likes to reflect on the previous year, so it seems timely that I put up something on these guys. Paper Planes‘ self-titled debut was one of my favourite Australian albums of 2008 and is a great example of modern guitar rock with spunk and a whole lot of moodiness.

‘Do It For The Kids’ is an incredible slow-burner. The song isn’t purely reliant on shifting dynamics to create tension though it does effectively employ this device throughout, with the slinking lead guitar line of the intro turning into a mammoth, striking barb when the chorus finally hits. This song has attitude and style plus the substance to back them up. It continues along at walking pace, confident enough in its stride that it need not speed up to create intensity. This is the stuff that can give you shivers.

‘Uh Huh’ is one of those songs that kinda has two choruses, and you already think the first one is pretty good so you get a pleasant surprise when the still-better second one eventually enters in behind it. This is power-chord rock in its purest form and singer Claire Birchall’s husky growl is vampy and surly enough to make her anger both palpable and entertaining.

It’s been a out for a while but seems to have flown under the radar. Check these guys out – they’re worth your time.

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