Paul Dempsey – Out The Airlock

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Paul Dempsey – ‘Out The Airlock’

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Early this year singer/guitarist Paul Dempsey quietly took himself away to  Chris Joannou’s studio on the New South Wales coast and recorded his first solo album under his own name.  After fourteen years and five albums with Something For Kate and a little-known known solo album released under the pseudonym “Scared of Horses” in 1998, it seems well overdue.

If you liked the more alt-country moments of SFK’s recent releases or Josh Pyke’s new album you’ll probably like this. I found the double-tracked vocals a bit distracting, but frankly Dempsey could have done a lot worse.

Jerry Soer:

I went through a good chunk of my university years listening to Something For Kate and got to see them in action at a free uni bar gig at the Roundhouse. Good to see Paul Dempsey still going at it. You can download this mp3 at his site:



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