In Brief: Party Dozen – Play The Truth

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Things have been a little quiet around here of late, for a multitude of legitimate (and illegitimate) reasons. Without dwelling on the dreaded 2020 – because time is just a construct right? – let’s just agree that it has been a period where plenty of things have sucked, and hopefully soon we will enter a period where things don’t suck…as much.

That being said, there has been plenty of great music released this year that, to date, has not featured on the site. So instead of letting the entire year pass, we are going to publish a bunch of brief posts highlighting some of the music that has shed light on a fairly dark time. So let’s kick things off.

On paper Party Dozen is an interesting proposition, a duo primarily consisting of saxophone and drums. But this does nothing to capture the unique thrill of the music, not to mention the sonic assault of their live show. ‘Play The Truth’ is a perfect distillation of their raucous energy; Slowly coming to a simmer with its lumbering guitar riff, before exploding into a cacophony of wild, reverberating saxophone and pounding drums. And just before you think it can’t lift any higher, a momentary lull ushers in a final shattering burst.

‘Play The Truth’ is lifted from Party Dozen’s cracking sophomore album, Pray For Party Dozen. And while you’re here, do yourself a favour and set aside a further 7 minutes to watch their stunning live performance of the track shot in the Sydney Opera House’s Drama Theatre.



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