Wolf & Cub

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Wolf & Cub
Wolf & Cub

I first heard of Wolf & Cub in 2004 when they were announced as one of the inaugural signings of the new local label Dot Dash, a collaboration with the Remote Control marketing team and indie distributors Inertia. They toured as part of the label’s showcase, and was main support for label mate New Buffalo. The latter was a disappointment, but Wolf & Cub left quite an impression on everyone.

At first I thought the double drum kit set up was superfluous and dismissed it as an attention grabbing stunt, seeing that most of their tunes just needed one good drummer instead of two average ones. Their performance reminded me of a lot of the jam bands around at the time and so I didn’t think much about it. But over time they proved to be stayers, getting picked up by local and national radio, scoring multiple festival slots, opening for a lot of touring bands. By the end of 2004 I saw them about five more times, growing to like them a bit more at each show.

Now I am convinced these guys are one of Australia’s better bands. Solid touring has moulded these guys into a rocking unit on stage and the new songs that radio have previewed sound very impressive; more cohesive song structures and driving grooves. They’ve got gigs supporting TV On The Radio this week and their upcoming album will be out in Europe through the prestigious 4AD label. While they’ve put up new songs up on their myspace, we have ‘Thousand Cuts’ below from their debut EP.

Wolf & Cub – ‘Thousand Cuts’

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