Eunuch Schools

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Eunuch Schools

Eunuch Schools – ‘Birds and Bees’ (mp3)

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There seems to be a community of musicians in Western Australia at the moment who are rather musically incestuous – and instead of breeding white hair, red eyed freaks – we’re getting some bloody awesome bands.

Eunuch Schools are at the forefront of this fresh crop of artists. These acts, including Sparks Vertigo, The Chemist and Wolves, all play vastly different styles of music but they all do it very well.

Eunuch Schools has obviously benefited from this hive of inspiration and activity by producing music that breaks from convention enough to keep things fresh and interesting while packing in enough hooks to make each tune memorable.

Their songs seem to often be at the longer end of the spectrum when it comes to length.  This might lead some people to call them self-indulgent – but I never listen to those people and neither should Eunuch Schools.


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  1. Psymon Simmes

    July 25, 2009 2:12 pm

    yesss! eunuch schools are radical! can’t wait for their first show! So excited about all the new bands forming in perth. Perth music’s needed a bit of a shake up!



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