Joel Edmondson

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Joel Edmondson – ‘Edge of The Road’ (mp3)

Brisbane’s Lofly collective not only run one of the coolest venues in town, but provide the kind of artistic guidance, growth and support that only a functioning artist’s collective can. Initially performing under the name Calvara, Joel Edmondson is a shining example of this, and the closest thing Lofly has to Triple J fodder.

Edmondson’s songs sound like experiments to see how many sonic oddities can sneak into an arrangement of a pop song before the listener gets distracted. With ‘Edge of The Road’, the appearance of a deep-voiced, reverb-soaked choir on backing vocals ends the experiment early, but it’s fine. Edmondson has the chops to pull it off.

Joel Edmondson will release the Invisible Steps LP later on this year.



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