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My Disco – ‘Calling Cure’

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My Disco are an odd band.  Amazing, but nonetheless odd.  I never thought I’d wholeheartedly enjoy a band which such monotone vocals.  But it probably helps that they’re one of the most rhythmically-addictive bands I’ve seen or heard in qutie a while.

There’s no genre you could tag this Melbourne three-piece with that would encompass their sound.  “Progressive” captures their lack of song structure, but it conjures up images of 12 minute songs a la Tool.  And even then real prog rock is bands like King Crimson and Peter Gabriel-era Genesis.  “Minimalist” is true in the sense that their simple lineup and lack of effects is minimal, but it’s by no means minimalist in the sense of ambient beat-less electronic.  “Indie” may be closer to the mark because of My Disco’s infectious groove, but then bands like Dappled Cities Fly are indie.  Maybe we’ll still to rock.  Or maybe My Disco are impossible to describe using words.

Benjamin and Liam Andrews used to play in one of my favourite Australian bands, Clann Zu.  My Disco was a side project during the time of Clann Zu, and a number of rough 7″ and CD-R recordings used to be available.  Once Clann Zu kicked the bucket, My Disco became a full time project.  They’ve toured fairly extensively around the world so there’s a lot of My Disco fans around the world.  The band released their first CD album last year, entitled Cancer, and I managed to see them support Mogwai at The Metro Theatre in Sydney last July.  There was so much bass the roof was rattling.  Amazing.

P.S. Someone called these guys “math rock”.  Way off!


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  1. Dom Alessio

    February 26, 2007 11:36 am

    Well technically, “math rock” refers to bands that use mathematical formulas to write their songs. I know Mudvayne have done that in the past. I doubt there’d be many bands who’d go to all that trouble though.



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