Danimals – ‘Christman Worms Quest for Fresh Apples’

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Danimals – ‘Christmas Worms Quest for Fresh Apples’ (mp3)

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It’s appropriate that this artist’s name contains the word ‘animal’ since I definitely get some sort of scavenger vibe from them (at very least a scrub turkey vibe). ‘Christmas Worms Quest for Fresh Apples’ is a cool folk-pop tune with summery, layered vocals fleshed out by random, slightly disjointed, and sometimes even ugly synths. I’m not sure how they decided that fucked-up synth horn made sense as the main hook, but it totally works. This adventurous attitude to the arrangement pays off, elevating the song into genuinely interesting if not exciting territory and bringing to mind a more electronic Aleks and The Ramps.

Danimals will be releasing a double a-side (including the above track) on the 17th of this month. I’ve not heard word of a launch, but they’ve pulled the support slot for super rad LA hip hopper WHY? if anyone is especially keen to check them out. I know I’d be interested to see how they take this beast to the stage.



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