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Ghetto Pussy – ‘Cassette Sex’ (mp3)

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Just when dirty electro couldn’t get any dirtier… along comes Sydney’s Ghetto Pussy.  Hell, it’s bordering on 90s happy hardcore!  With members like Pussy Tiger Lyck, Samurai Pizza Phat and CJ Hooker, it’s hard to know who these people actually are.  I did a bit of MySpace scrounging and found out that one member is Craig McVea from Lucy and the Pheromones and Charchie Ink.  The other two members may be someone named Rizzo (I don’t think it’s the same Rizzo from Rizzo & Pizzo though) and Anastasia.  But I may be waaay off the mark.

It’s late-night, liquor-soaked party music for kids in dark indie clubs wearing stovepipe jeans to be dancing til they pass out from heat exhaustion.  It’s in your face, bold and brash and unabashed sex music. This kind of uber-dirty electro seems to really be taking off now, with acts like the aforementioned Rizzo & Pizzo and Gameboy/Gamegirl gaining a lot of popularity.  I guess it’s just fun music to dance to.  What more could you ask for!


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