Blonde On Blonde – ‘Oh My Oh My’

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Blonde On Blonde – ‘Oh My Oh My’ (mp3)

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Blonde On Blonde list their influences as “The Velvet Underground, The Valley and sex”. Add fellow Velvets admirers The Dandy Warhols and Queens of The Stone Age to the gang and you’ve got music which is pretty derivative but sexy nonetheless.

‘Oh My Oh My’ opens with drumming so effortlessly tight you’d swear it was looped, if not for the lack of wood block during the verses. Then there’s the scratchy guitar riff, then the bored-sounding male and female vocals and superfluous bass; you know how it goes. Who needs a bridge or a middle-eight with a groove this good?

I tried really hard to listen to the lyrics of this song, but I kept getting distracted by the urge to smoke a million bongs and convince attractive people to make out with me. That’s not a bad thing by the way, especially with New Years a couple of days away.

Excuse me.


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