Yucuna – ‘Bogota’

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Yacuna – ‘Bogota’ (mp3)

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Yucuna are super fresssh. There’s little information about them floating about, no shows or release dates on the horizon and a Myspace less than a month old at the time of posting. That said, they clearly haven’t just materialised from nowhere – the quality and production of the above track suggests that these guys (how many I don’t know) have been quietly working together for some time.

Beginning with a lush bed of what I suspect are sampled or at least looped harp/guitar/piano/plucked string figures, the track soon introduces a distorted hip hop beat and floating, icy vocals that could be lifted from a restrained Sigur Ros track. Despite the obvious effort that went into the track’s production – replete with a shitload of digital reverb – the track sounds surprisingly organic, like it should be soundtracking a montage of landscape pics shot by some indie kid took on his vintage polaroid camera. This is fucking impressive. Look forward to some shows/releases one day.




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