Absolute Boys – ‘Minimal Wage’

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Absolute Boys – ‘Minimal Wage’

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‘Minimal Wage’ is the A-side of an upcoming 12″ by Melbourne’s Absolute Boys. I’ve been waiting for them to send this track through for a while now and the finished, mastered version didn’t disappoint.

It has an almost ritualistic quality to it – like a group of dudes rocking back and forth around a fire in an empty shopping centre carpark at night. The track will have you rocking back and forth too thanks to its uncompromisingly repetitive-cum-hypnotic guitar stabs and sparse percussion, which is reminiscent of My Disco. Rubbing against that are softer, floating vocal harmonies in the vein of The Beach Boys/Animal Collective set, but with a suitably ‘chant-y’ sound to them.

I’ve not heard the B-side but look forward to checking it out. These guys are worth getting excited about.




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