Where’s Jerome?

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Where’s Jerome? – ‘Rescue’
*MP3 removed from record label request – we don’t want no Perez vs Britney shit going on here*

No photo and a cryptic name like Where’s Jerome?. So who the hell is this guy? Well, it’s actually Jeremy Smith, better known for his vocal and guitar work in Sydney outfit Altona. With the help of a computer, an acoustic guitar and the must-have Casio keyboard, Jeremy’s crafted himself a number of rather endearing tunes that marry acoustic guitar and clear vocals with smooth, funky electronic backings.

He’s compiled them altogether into an EP entitled Dreamboat (hence the illustrations I guess). The first single ‘Ashtray’ floated onto my lap the other day and I was so taken by it, mainly because I had never heard of the outfit before. Judging by the bio, Jeremy’s other passion is food: the bio is filled with refernces to cooking and the kitchen and writing songs in his kitchen.

There’s a couple of tracks on the MySpace page, and ‘Rescue’ was the only one I could download, so here it is! Expect to hear a lot more courtesy of Where’s Jerome? very soon.




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