Soft Tigers vs Bumblebeez



Soft Tigers – ‘M.A.R.I.A’ (Bumblebeez remix) (mp3)

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A bit of Canberran loving here, both Soft Tigers and Bumblebeez both went to the same school. Here they are doing some remixing. Can’t really decide if I like this one or not, it might be a bit too chopped up.


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  1. Pix

    April 24, 2007 2:14 pm

    definitely too chopped.

    i rekon they could of used that guitar hook in M.A.R.I.A so much more seemlessly.

    yunno how van she tech seal their mixes so u can barely tell where their mix starts and the original ends.

    maybe us Sydney kids r just accustomed to nothing but the finest haha



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