Ironhide & We Lost The Sea @ 4ZzZFM carpark

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I’ve been battling glandular fever and the 14 hours of sleep a night I currently need to survive is really cutting into my gigging time. Luckily, Brissie community radio station 4ZzZFM puts on gigs in their carpark on Saturday afternoons. I’m liking these ad-hoc gigs; they’re free and all ages, but people can still knock back a few beers if they’re inclined.
Ironhide were heavy, fun and played a flawless cover of Mastodon’s “Blood and Thunder”. 5/5, would see again.
It was extremely difficult to shoot Sydney post-metal nine-piece We Are The Sea; all members mostly stood still, back to the audience throughout their whole set. I came, I saw, I bought the t-shirt.


Workplace Health and Safety do not advise the "throw extension cords out the window" method of powering a PA.

Ironhide - siq guitar.

ironhide wall


We Lost The Sea

We Lost The Sea - 8/9 members pictured.

You can see more at my Flickr page.



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