Architecture in Helsinki: ‘Heart It Races’



Architecture in Helsinki – ‘Heart it Races’

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Playful beats and booms, steel drums and sweeping backing vocals can’t save the Architecture from themselves. Suddenly I am reminded of The Baby-sitter’s Club, and Dawn’s envious declaration vis-à-vis her diabetic, artistic, Japanese-American friend: “Oh Claudia,” she sighed, “You’re so wild and wacky.” Like that pretty little sugar-fiend and her wild ideas for entertaining the children of the Stepford-esque community of Stoneybrook, Architecture are just trucking along out there on the cutting edge. So wild and so wacky, you just want to club them to death like a pack of baby seals.


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  1. simone

    May 15, 2007 5:32 pm

    hello. i’m just a girl. actually, i’m just like three girls, squished into the pants of just one girl, which is why i’m so angry all the time.



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