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Ernest Ellis – ‘Taking Shapes ‘(mp3)

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Dew Process finally released Ernest Ellis’s debut album Hunting on Saturday! Huzzah. That’s right, you can get yr hands on this chestnut right now, and  I highly recommend that you do.

I’ve been posting about EE for a couple of years now so you can do a lil search and check out a bunch of his tracks, all of which are featured on his debut (except the version of ‘Bad Blood’ is slightly different, maybe some overdubs and a new mix/master?) The clip for the latest single ‘Want For Anything’ is below, and above you can check out ‘Taking Shapes,’ which open the last third of the album and pulls it out of the singer-songwriter territory Hunting briefly wanders into and back into whatever canyon/cave/church he layers his guitar and vocals in. The fact that the back end of the album features tunes like ‘Taking Shapes’ and his original buzz-making tune ‘Bad Blood’ shows that the album has some real depth.

You can also check out the impressive ‘I Am The Beast’ over at Polaroids of Androidz (as of about two weeks ago).

Ernest Ellis – ‘Want For Anything’ from Dew Process on Vimeo.


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