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You may remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about a Sydney band called Pivot. Well, Triosk share a lot in common with Pivot – in fact, Adrian Klumpes and drummer extraordinaire Laurence Pike are in both Triosk and Pivot, and Richard Pike from Pivot co-produced Triosk’s amazing new album, The Headlight Serenade.

The music between the bands differs quite substantially though. While Pivot are a slightly more structured band, encompassing more rock music sensibilities, Triosk’s music is a far more avant-garde jazz affair with a strong emphasis on mood and atmosphere. Triosk are more akin to ambient (dare I say “post rock”) acts like Boards of Canada and Tortoise. The Headlight Serenade is a fantastic aural experience and a must of lovers of left-of-centre music. I hope to catch this trio live very soon. Check out the opening track ‘Visions IV’. Awesome stuff.

Triosk – ‘Visions IV’

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