Fishing – ‘OOOO’

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Fishing – ‘OOOO’ (mp3)

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Fishing. One of those bands I’d seen mentioned and/or listed in other bands’ Myspace friends, but not a band I’d ever gone out of my way to listen to. My loss.

I first heard one of their songs when I was studying while listening to Life Aquatic (aka best new music blog outta this country). I quickly did the ol’ Apple + Tab and brought up ol’ Firefox to see who the artist of this sweet jam was. “Oh, right, those guys. Should probs check them out.” Into the drafts folder they went and then I forgot about them. Not long after that, they got playlisted over at Pitchfork. Not a bad effort for these Sydney beat-makers. “Must post about them,” I said again.

And here I am, over a month later, finally putting up the track long after it’s relevance has passed. Yes, I’m well late to the Fishing party. ‘OOOO’ is still a quality tune that I recommend you all listen to. All five of you who haven’t already heard it, that is.


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