Flight of the TIN SPARROW

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Tin Sparrow are a Sydney collective fronted by singer/songwriter Matt Amery. ‘The Boat’ is the first single from the band, who have done a fantastic job in bringing Matts songs to life, creating a lushly layered sound which reveals more on every listen (the harpsichord line is reminiscent of a film score that I can’t quite put my finger on..). And despite the dense production, there is still an engaging vocal delivery at the heart of the song. Recorded in Melbourne at Dragon Fly Studios, and recently signed a publishing deal with Sebastian and Wolfgang, keep an eye out for this Tin Sparrow playing near YOU!

Tin Sparrow are another group to emerge from Macquarie University’s music department, alongside Boy&Bear, Made in Japan, and ArtVsScience. Find the label page on FB (Universe-City Music).

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The Boat


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