Lost Valentinos: ’17 Deaths’ Exclusive

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Lost Valentinos – ’17 Deaths’

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The begot Los begot Lost… so now we arrive at Lost Valentinos, a name change for the Sydney four piece to avoid a throng of lawyers syphoning money from them. It begs the question: what’s the big difference between “The Valentinos” and “Lost Valentinos”??

Along with the name change comes two things: a new drummer, replacing Dan Stricker (who’s now behind the kit for the Midnight Juggernauts), and a new single, ’17 Deaths’ produced by uber-rad UK-via-Berlin producer Ewan Pearson. He’s worked with bands like The Rapture and Goldfrapp, and that electro-dance element is noticable from the first few seconds when the rave synths kick in. It’s more of a progression for the band, whose popularity has plateaued somewhat since the release of their EP Damn and Damn Again.

You can only buy this one on iTunes and it’ll be on their album which will be out sometime – I don’t think the band even know!



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  1. Aaron

    July 10, 2007 11:14 am

    hopefully the Valentinos popularity plateau will end when this shit drops into peoples laps.

    (love the little funky/latin/samba break down towards the end)



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