Tame Impala do Daytrotter

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Another stepping stone to Tame Impala’s world domination sees Tame Impala dropping by the famous Daytrotter studios. For the uninitiated, this basically involved them doing a live performance of three or fours songs, which then gets uploaded to the Daytrotter website along with a crappy hand-drawn picture of the band and a slightly pretentious musing on their in-studio demeanor. But seriously, Daytrotter do good shit and you should subscribe and get these sets emailed to you weekly – they literally do a new one every day. Points for commitment.

Tame Impala’s set is good in that it sounds a lot like their album only slightly less dense and a bit slower (think they’d smoked up a bit too much before jamming). I know why people don’t like Tame Impala’s live show. I think it works in a small setting but gets lost on a big stage, but these dudes are young and one album in, and as the Daytrotter session proves they have the musical chops to bring it live. If they get a bit more confidence/energy/switch to a certain designer drug, who knows what they can pull off?

It should be stated that their debut album Innerspeaker is still one of the best albums of 2010. If you’ve somehow avoided it until now, this is the day to rectify that.

Go >>>HERE<<< to stream/download the set (as soon as I can log into Daytrotter I’ll get something up, but FYI it seems to be a bit on the fritz. You can still stream it though).



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