Charlie Mayfair – ‘My Delirium’ cover (video)

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I’m not the biggest fan of Charlie Mayfair. It’s mainly the vocal parts that rub me the wrong way – they go way too heavy on the harmonies and the female vocalists bust into American Idol-influenced yodeling whenever they get half a chance.

That said, this cover of Ladyhawke’s ‘My Delirium’ is pretty good. Performing someone else’s material helps them keep their bad points in check, although they still manage to chuck in a bar’s rest after the “Stop!”‘s in the last chorus (Stop. No music. Get it? We’re like, totally clever and musical!) and a time and tempo change for no real reason.

This video is the first in a series, which will see the band perform acoustic covers of songs by previous Sunset Sounds artists in an attempt to raise their profile and get people to vote them into a slot for the 2011 festival.

It should be good, but it’d be even better if the band tried out the ‘less is more’ trick.



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