If I lived in Western Australia I’d be like a proud stage mum watching all the great acts that have emerged over the years; The Panda Band and The Sleepy Jackson to name but a few. In fact I would probably feel about as smug as I did upon on hearing that Perth 4-piece Snowman are the latest signing to ace Melbourne label Dot Dash, home to other respectable acts such as Wolf & Cub. Because I liked them ages ago, of course.

Snowman has an intriguingly scarce bio. Instead, their website offers a satisfying list of adjectives to pre-empt the verbose music reviewer (don’t look at me), my favourite of which is “swampy”. This approach to self-marketing also applies to their refreshing refusal to brand themselves with one distinct sound– their sound is sound itself. The elements of their 2004 debut album read like a checklist for meandering, indulgent sound-art: fuzzy AM radio samples, handclaps, droning choral numbers, theremin, percussion, and although I’m loath to say it…. ‘dreamy soundscapes’. But as far as I’m concerned; the creepy, melodic guitars, consistently killer vocals, and oh-so casual hook or two gives them a license to be as playful as they like. A new album is slated for release later this year, so stay tuned (to the fuzzy AM radio if you feel so inclined).

Snowman – ‘Lost In The Woods’

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  1. Jerry Soer

    August 7, 2006 2:02 am

    I mean this in the best of ways: this song reminds me of The Strokes’ Juicebox, which in turn reminds me of the Adams Family tv theme. Or the Rocky Horror Picture show. Similar baseline perhaps?The guitar lines conjure images of 1950s tv musicals. In any case I’d go to a Snowman gig anytime over the Strokes. Looking forward to the new album.



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