Wayphaser – ‘Runnyjim’

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Wayphaser – ‘Runnyjim’ (mp3)

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It’s no secret that ‘chillwave’ is a big deal at the moment. And if you follow me on Twitter/are good at picking up on patterns, it’s also no secret that I’m in to ‘chillwave’ music. Wayphaser initially struck me as the kind of band that aren’t necessarily good for the genre. Everything on their Myspace, from the above picture to the tunes and descriptions, screamed “SUMMER 2009/2010.” But then I snapped out of defensive hipster mode and remembered the Summer 2009/2010 was a pretty great summer. And then I had another listen to the songs, and realised that ‘Runnyjim’ was a pretty sweet jam. I still don’t totally dig all their stuff, but the above tune shows that Wayphaser definitely have some potential. It’s not hard to imagine these guys streamlining their sound a bit and following the Miami Horror path of Triple J/festival favs.



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