Eddy Current Suppression Ring

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Eddy Current Suppression Ring – ‘Demon’s Demands’

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I’ve been wanting to blog this band for a long time but never could do it cos I’ve been told this band is to be experienced live. Since I still haven’t seen them, I can’t really tell you if they’re any good on stage. But they’ve done something as interesting: the supplied the title track to a free online movie called Constructing Fear, it’s about industrial relations in Australia. I’m not that big of a fan of Michael Moore type of political films, but I am keen observer on how the internet can be used to spread , music, film, messages and maybe films that involve all three. You can download the film, and the accompanying song, for free on their site www.constructingfear.com.au. As for the music, it’s very garage gritty rock, not my kind of thing but I’d still go see them.



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  1. Leon

    August 18, 2007 3:06 am

    um. I love it.
    it’s the fucking fall.
    it’s immediate and drunken and restrained.

    it’s embarrassing that my band won’t be this good!



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