Ange Takats – The Girl and The Glass (video)

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Ange Takats is a singer-songwriter, but she used to be a foreign correspondent.
She spent a couple of years working for a major news agency in Bangkok, earning a pittance and seeing a lot of weird and interesting things. She’ll be playing a gig with Paul Kelly at the Byron Bay writers festival this weekend, where she’ll also be spruiking her excellent book about the whole Bangkok stint – The Buffalo Funeral.
BUT  back to the music. Ange teamed up with photographer Nat Brunovs to make this very cute stop-motion video clip and I think it’s a winner. The song’s pretty good too, and a must-listen for fans of Joni Mitchell.

Let it also be known that Nat is a generally good sort, and she let me stay at her house and look after her dog for a week after she’d known me for approximately four minutes.



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