Gyroscope – ‘Snakeskin’

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I remember many, many years ago being at a house party one Saturday afternoon in Newtown, which I got completely munted on beer and tequila – a lethal mix! I remember people at the party playing an early Gyroscope CD because they were obsessed with the song ‘Doctor Doctor’ which was one of the very first singles that garnered this Perth act national attention.

Since then they’ve had a string of mildly successful releases, which lean to the more rockeir side of the pop/punk spectrum, though ‘Doctor Doctor’ was more post-hardcore than what they are now. But their new single, ‘Snakeskin’, taken from their forthcoming album Breed Obsession, is the first Gyroscope song that I’ve actually paid attention to since the release of ‘Doctor Doctor’ which was a couple of years ago now.

There’s nothing really complex to this tune – it’s just damn catchy. Simple piano melody introduces the song, the vocals don’t do anything spectacular and the syncopated beat keeps you tapping your feet. You’ll be singing it for days.

Oh, P.S. This may just be the greatest photo ever taken… it’s from Band Capture Photography.


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  1. Leon

    October 31, 2007 6:38 pm

    “syncopated drum beat.”

    How so? do you mean accents on the 3rd of four beats? Because.. you know… that’s been the standard and defining beat for rock ‘n’ roll since it’s conception.

    And by “conception” I mean someone decided to play 4/4 with a backbeat.

  2. sally

    November 30, 2008 7:14 pm

    i just met all these guys like afew hours ago at the airport on the same flight fuken awsome the afro guy forgot his name is so bloody hot as



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