Bridezilla: ‘Brown Paper Bag’ Clip

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Oh crap, I missed a day… Jerry’s going to beat me… we have a Penn & Teller-type relationship.

Sydney wunderkids Bridezilla are in some ways comparable to Brisbane’s latest export, and recent ARIA winners, Operator Please: they’re both predominantly made up of kids who can’t watch movies rated R, and they’ve both got a violin player. Then in other ways, they’re different – most notably, Bridezilla have better songs, more substance, and their members are far more attractive.

They’ve just inked a record deal with the cool cats at Ivy League and are set to take over the world. Watch out high school bands everywhere!


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  1. Tasha

    November 12, 2007 6:43 am

    What the devil have you been smoking Dom??? Operator Please have the most pop-mature, catchy and ball bustingly talented song writing heard your (and my) side of the equator in years.

    They are incomparable to Bridezilla.

    Tasha xx



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