Camden, The Man.


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Camden seems like an interesting fellow. Quirky, intelligent, and curious. His band, of the same name, provide the tight Indie/rock accompaniment behind his unique melodic madness, creating a sound reminiscent to me of a slightly more rocking Jens Leckmen.

I caught the band during their residency at Oxford Arts, and despite my initial confusion about Camden’s awkward wedding singer vibe (Tux, with rose in pocket), we soon found ourselves on the dance floor, giving in to the curiousness of Camden.

Mr. Kingsmill gave this track 5/5… Which must make you curious as to what makes a perfect track these days, so go on, give it a listen.

The band is playing along with a bunch of great bands at Love Jam Festival in Bondi this Saturday.


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  1. kooldude

    November 20, 2011 8:23 pm

    Well this was awful. Why would call your band that when there is already an established band called “Portugal. The Man”. This is derivative “quirky” shit.



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