The Jezabels: 'Disco Biscuit Love'



The Jezabels – ‘Disco Biscuit Love’

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I don’t really know that if it was ten years ago today, if I’d enjoy listening to this song during one of my post rave comedowns, as when I was coming down, I was really down. Down to the point where listening to trip would brighten up the day. But kids nowadays don’t go to raves to take pills, they go to gigs. Since the whole gig-and-club type nights got really popular a few years ago, you can get away downing smileys in the middle of the gig so you can really peak when that DJ really hit his stride right when the band finishes. Anyway, my wondering words is not being fair to this song, because The Jezabels have written a good song, whether you are an ex-pill popper or not.


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  1. candice

    June 10, 2008 8:35 pm

    i love the jezabels. their music is heart felt and the lyrics are incredible… i hope they receive the recognition they deserve.


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