Harts – 'All Too Real'


Harts – ‘All Too Real’ (mp3)

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Darren Harts is Harts, a one man show out of Melbourne. Lars Stalfors from the Mars Volta somehow got his hands on some demos and offered to mix his EP. This sound ain’t no gamechanger, but gamechanging is irrelevant when you can get down and BOOGIE. This kid WILL kick some serious goals overseas, just you wait. And when he does – I would love to see him bring out a full piece brass band Friendly Fires style. ‘All Too Real’ has that whole Streetparty era vibe right down – adequate synth hooks, bites of face melting guitar (post. 2:46) and a good dose of indie peacocking to keep all the kids happy.

Hart’s EP Offtime will be released soon. Keep in the loop here and here.


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  1. Francesco

    June 27, 2012 5:42 pm

    I seen this guy play with his band live around last month. Absolute phenomenal guitar player.



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