Tiny Spiders – ‘Fresh pots’

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Tiny Spiders – ‘Fresh pots’ (mp3)

What is that band I can never remember… oh yeah, friggin Lightning Bolt! So amazing at primavera in Barcelona that I’ve been hooked ever since. Sadly, it’s rare to hear a band go for that sound and not be shit. However one of those rare bands that isn’t shit is Tiny Spiders. ‘Fresh Pots’ is lifted from their self-titled vinyl release that is packed full of raucous tunes, some better than others but one thing is for sure – there shows will be rad.

They are on tour with some great supports to pimp the record, which has been released digitally with a limited edition vinyl 12” out August 3rd.

Wednesday July 11th – The Grand Poobah, Hobart (with Tiger Choir)

Friday July 13th – Gasometer, Melbourne (with DEAD, The Fuses, Tender Bones)

Saturday July 14th – Format, Adelaide (with Gold Bloom, Sparkspitter)

Monday July 14th – Monday Night Mass @ NSC, Melbourne (with Great Earthquake, Little Killing)

Thursday July 19th – Terrace Bar, Newcastle (with The Si Claros, TBA)

Friday July 20th – Black Wire, Sydney (with Raw Prawn, Low Life, F’Tang)

Saturday July 21st – Lass O Gowrie, Newcastle (with The Si Claros, Carlin Dally)

Friday August 3rd – The Waiting Room, Brisbane (with TBA)

Scream with them here – http://www.facebook.com/TinySpiders



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