Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants

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Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants – ‘Transient Being’ (mp3)

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We’ve got a proud history of great vaudevillian and gypsy acts in Australia: Monsieur Camembert, The Tango Saloon, Unkle Ho, Waiting For Guinness, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen… I could go on, but suffice to say, the enigmatic Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants can stand proudly amongst that ilk.

But who exactly Mojo Juju is is somewhat of a mystery. Much of the legend surrounding Mojo Juju has been summarised on this website. What I know for certain (well, at least I hope so) is that they’re from Newcastle and there’s a lot of Snake Oil Merchants. ‘Transient Being’ comes from their self-titled album, and aside from that I’m not sure of much else… except that this is a great tune.



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