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Glad all these lo-fi larks are getting out of their bedrooms and projecting their multi-instrumental talents above and beyond into the great outdoors. Velcro (Curtis Wakeling) is chaperoning himself around Brooklyn as I write this, while today’s music news says Bored Nothing (Fergus Miller) is gearing up for his ‘best of’ (four editions of home a few), AKA his first proper release through Spunk in early November.

Sean Anthony is another guy who’s up in the league. The Perth native has released stuff under his own name, plays in Braves and in this side project Sunny.

‘Explain’ is everything you’d expect from the low saturation kaleido-art on the cover. Says Sunny: ‘seems like there’s always someone on my mind, when I lose interest I’ll go back to you…’. And it sure is the light, un-committal ode it promises to be.  The tune flags a novelty chorus, xylo for twee-cred and a memorable melody once you’re done wading through knee deep reverb – not a bad thing if you dig your pre-summertime beach jams. This is a keeper.

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Sunny – ‘Explain’

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